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Group 12 Metal Decoration Items 1   Edition 120 
   120-1  120-2    120-3       120-4


"Adventurous" badges: police, sheriff, red indian, and pirate.
Colour of 120-1, 120-2, and 120-4 is silver.
Colour of 120-3 is iron.
120-4 does also exist in brown colour.

Thanks to Michael from Vienna, Austria, for picture 120-4,

To look at the value of each item, go down to the table at the bottom of this page.
Then look at the appropriate number in the last column and finally click on "Value steps".

Poster dated 1974

You may find the police badge on the upper picture above.
The sheriff badge can be found one the lower picture.

Many thanks for the 2 pictures to 
Alfred in Baden near Vienna, Austria.

 Size Markings Colours 120-1 120-2 120-3  120-4  Value
approx.40mm none silver * *   S 4
approx.40mm none iron     *   4
approx.40mm none brown       S 4


*   = in my collection                     S = looking for this item
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