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Group 11 Miscellaneous Figures 3    Edition 106
Christmas Tree Decoration
106-1 106-2

106-1:  Handpainted metal Santa Claus with hasp and string, fixing sticker, and description paper.
Size of Santa is approximately 30 x 40 mm. On the back there is the marking FERRERO plus a number from 1 - 8. 
Santa Claus came with the advent calendar 2003 only.

106-2:   Painted metal bell with metal tongue. Size approximately 30x40 mm. 
No markings. Estimated date of appearance: 1985

My special thanks to Alfred in Baden near Vienna (Joozu)!

To look at the value of these items, please go down to the table at the bottom of this page.
Then look at the appropriate number in the last column and finally click on "Value steps".

Paper No. 706 067
Size: 38 x 100 mm
Size Markings Colour 106-1 106-2  Step
30x40 FERRERO+No. Multicol. *
30x40 No Markings green to black  --- S 4
 *   = in my collection                     S = looking for this item
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